MemBrain s.r.o. is a research, engineering and technology company that focuses mainly on research and innovation activities in the field of membrane processes, particularly the transfer of research results into commercial practice. The company MemBrain s.r.o. is a subsidiary of MEGA and was founded in October 2008.

To our customers we offer development of technological solution of separation and purification of liquid mixtures or solutions and gases based on current scientific knowledge in the field of membrane technologies. We support the process leading to development of new products, technologies and their implementation in practice.

We cooperate with customers and partners in the innovative process in the whole range of activities from analysis and evaluation of innovative initiatives through preparation and final solution of research projects to effective transfer of research results into industrial practice, including the phase of the technology evaluation and cooperation on early commercialization of the final product. These commercial innovative activities include research and implementation of new materials, development of new laboratory methods, innovation of the existing or development of new technologies and products with high added value.

The company MemBrain s.r.o. is a research organization that meets the conditions stipulated by valid Czech legislation and the Community Framework for State aid for research, development and innovations (2006/C 323/01), which is legally documented on the basis of its founding treaty.

MemBrain is a part of the MEGA group, with MEGA a.s. having 100 percent share in it. Besides commitments to support this group, the company focuses on independent research and commercial activities to other partners and customers outside the group.

Membrane processes and technology

The main thematic focus is on membrane processes and technology. Attention is also paid to the benefit and return of investments in the innovation process and development of the membrane field in the market. The fact that the processes in these areas are on high level in the company MemBrain can be documented by successful acquisition of certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (certification body TÜV SÜD Czech No. 3053, accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute). Other activities are conducted in the field of education. Significant attention is paid to protection of intellectual property.

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Branch segments


  • Desalination of aqueous solutions
  • Concentration of inorganic solutions (NaCl, LiCl)
  • Production of ultrapure water
  • Resolution of problems with waste water or other waste medium
  • Recycling of a valuable component from waste solutions back to production (NH4NO3)

Fine Chemicals

  • Purification and concentration of organic solutions (amino acids, alcohols)
  • Desalination and separation of valuable components from biomass (xylose)
  • Antifreeze glycol solutions purification and desalination
  • Purification of organic substances, e.g. amino acids, peptides, proteins
  • Sulfuric acid recovery from anodizing baths