The objective of the Membrane Innovation Centre (MIC) is to create conditions for interconnection of necessary scientific disciplines, covering the field of membrane materials with links to devices and technological application, and for systematic cooperation with the advanced research and industrial partners.

Membrane Innovation Centre

The project costs are estimated at 512 million CZK and they will be used to construct the centre building, to equip its analytical and technological laboratories with devices for research and development and to cover its operational costs partially in the three-year period starting in 2012. Thanks to these investments, a unique infrastructure will be created with up to fifty-six new work positions. Construction of the MIC was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport within the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

Membrane Innovation Centre

Objectives of the MIC

  • Development and verification of new or modified membranes, membrane modules, devices and technologies for use mainly in power engineering, food-processing industry, pharmaceutics, automotive industry and environmental protection;
  • development and application of laboratory and pilot membrane devices with the goal to verify experimentally new methodologies, SW, products and membrane technologies;
  • development or innovation of characterization methodologies of membranes, membrane modules and membrane processes for the purpose of systemization and definition of engineering standards and their implementation in the industrial sphere through technological platforms and industrial platforms;
  • acceleration of the transfer of results of the applied research in the field into industrial practice through implementation of three research programmes of the centre;
  • establishment and operation of a quality, prestigious and professional facility in the Liberec Region for execution of research activities in the field of a comprehensive membrane programme;
  • establishment of a multidisciplinary team of specialists for solution of applied research tasks and transfer of results into industrial practice;
  • partial projects of the centre are focused on development of membranes, modules and technologies of membrane processes. Excellently equipped laboratories form a base for young scientists, providing them with the conditions for applied research and transfer of its results into industrial practice;
  • contributing to improvement of professional education and preparation of experts through the offer of a unique infrastructure and specialized services of the centre;
  • improvement of the level and scope of cooperation with academic and research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad by means of joint research projects;
  • contributing to popularization and development in the field of membrane separation through presentation and publication activities and involvement in national and European professional organizations.
Beginning 1.1.2009
Beginning of realization 1.3.2012
Termination 31.12.2014
Registration Number CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0084
Project name Membrane Innovation Centre
Budget 512 mil. Kč
The amount of subsidy 370 mil. Kč (85 % z ERDF, 15 % ze státního rozpočtu ČR)

MIC is financially supported by Operační program Výzkum a Vývoj pro Inovace (VaVpI).