Do you want to participate in research and implementation of research and development results into unique membrane technologies? Do you want to realize your abilities to utilize modern background and top-level equipment? Use the offered employee benefits. Contribute to the company’s success in both foreign and domestic markets.

MemBrain s.r.o. is a dynamically developing research organization, whose development is supported by the project of the Membrane Innovation Centre (MIC). The MIC project allows reinforcing the research team with experienced experts, as well as graduates of technical disciplines, thus implementing a varied research and engineering programme in 2012–2019.

With all positions we offered:

  • Above-average remuneration as per regional standards, bonuses based on the quality of the employee, work performed and results of the company.
  • Work in the Membrane Innovation Centre at the top European level, young and highly expert team, attractive and promising discipline, and work in companies of the MEGA group, which is a world leader in its field.
  • Foreign business trips, cooperation with foreign partners and customers and world leaders in the area of membranes.
  • The possibility of further long-term education and acquiring professional knowledge and language skills.
  • An extra week of holiday beyond legal requirements.
  • Contribution to pension insurance, company catering and other employee benefits.
  • Assistance with moving to the place of work performance in Stráž pod Ralskem, company apartment.

Contact person: Jana Vorlova Celedova
tel: +420 487 888 211