Treatment of water is a very broad topic. Our membrane technologies will manage a broad field of applications, while meeting the assignment parameters in accordance with increasingly strict legislative conditions. Technological solutions that we bring demonstrate maximum respect to the environment.

On the basis of our top research background and large experience with water treatment, we are able to design even a combined technology of membrane processes. During the design process, we proceed from selecting the most suitable membrane through defining the module and device to building a particular technology.

We verify membrane processes on a pilot study scale using real solutions, deliver low-capacity technologies, prepare case studies and provide consulting.

MemBrain technologies can be applied in the following branches:

Chemical and refining industries

  • Purification of mixed waste waters or their recycling
  • Preparation of process water
  • Concentration of lithium salts solutions

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Preparation of purified water
  • Separation and recycling of effective substances
  • Removal of micro-pollutants from waste water

Production of fertilizers

  • Purification of vapours / recycling of process condensates from production of nitrogen fertilizers
  • Purification of water from regeneration of ion-exchangers

Municipal waste water

  • Tertiary purification after a biological waste water treatment plant
  • Purification of waste leaches

Power engineering industry

  • Seeking savings in water management of power engineering plants
  • Preparation of additional water for boilers
  • Recycling of leaches from cooling circuits
  • Purification of mixed waste waters


  • Desalination of water from biological purification for irrigation
  • Desalination of mine waters
  • lConcentration of thermal spring waters

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