Water is used virtually everywhere around us. We drink it at home, it heats radiators in our homes and cools power plants, it contains chemicals, e.g. fertilizers, and it is used in production of vaccines and tablets. All water polluted by organic and inorganic substances is cleaned, treated, concentrated and recycled before its re-use. Water is the strongest element and our technology can process it.

For example, technologies used by industrial companies producing fertilizers and paper are very demanding in terms of the volume of water consumed and its pre-treatment before it is used for the final product. At the end of the production process, this water contains substances that the law forbids to be discharged back into the nature. We have to resolve the problem whether these substances can be separated and re-used. Applying this approach, industrial companies meet legislative requirements and save on necessary pre-treatment and valuable substances contained in aqueous solutions.

The key lies in the membrane. Through this core component, we implement a comprehensive process:

By cooperating with us, you obtain:

  • Effective transfer to new technologies
  • Production of water with constant quality
  • High yield of treated water
  • Economic savings in operation
  • Environment-friendly production with no further chemicals
  • Less built-up area
  • Know-how supporting further development of your enterprise