Biomethane is primarily used in transportation to propel buses and cars. Its undeniable advantages, in comparison with traditional fuels, are financial savings and longer relative lifetime of the engine. We will deliver to you a technology making life easier and meeting all legislative requirements.

We will design a solution based on new knowledge and trends in the field. During the design process, we proceed from selecting the most suitable membrane through defining the module and device to building a particular technology. To achieve this, we use top infrastructure and experience of our specialists.

We verify the efficiency of the membrane process on pilot study scale using real solutions. If the customer wishes so, we deliver a low-capacity technology, prepare a case study or provide consulting

MemBrain technologies can be applied in the following branches:

  • Biogas separation for production of biomethane (bioCNG)
  • Separation of hydrogen from pyrolysis gas
  • Separation of nitrogen and oxygen

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