From the viewpoint of its medium-term plan, the company MemBrain has the ambition to become, in five years, a top European innovative research and technological organization in the field of electro-membrane processes and integrated technologies, ensuring the innovative process in the full scope of the offered activities and services with emphasis on effective transfer of innovative ideas, products and technologies into industrial practice with maximum respect to long-term satisfaction of customers.

The objective is to build an innovative engineering company with high expertise and quality of specialists, supporting the MEGA group of companies by its activity and satisfying the demand for innovative and engineering services from other customers in the area of contractual research, engineering services, laboratory innovations of technology and products with high added value, as well as in the area of industrial education and filling the space between the university environment and demands from industrial customers.

This involves several challenging requirements and commitments, which can be summed up in the following strategic objectives:

  • To create a good enough background, top-level from both technical and material points of view, for conducting the activities of the company,
  • to direct research activities into areas of quality products and innovative technologies with high added value, which generally provide maximum support or respect for the environmental protection and contribute to improving human life and society,
  • to achieve the level of world industrial leaders in the field and stay there on a long-term basis, to fulfil the vision: membrane processes and technologies to every household,
  • to create own marketing innovative strategy and contribute to development and popularization of the field, which is of a key importance for the company,
  • to employ highly qualified experts and provide them with support and background for their further professional growth,
  • to utilize them for the activity and development of the area, to increase continuously the value and prestige of the company,
  • to lead to responsibility not only its owners, but also the management and all employees.