Our main branch within the food-processing industry is the dairy industry. We research desalination of sweet, sour and salty whey, processing of whey to prepare nutritionally valuable food supplements, pre-treatment of whey, concentration of lactose and recycling of water from salinized flows back into production. We investigate the possibility of using crystalline salts or salt concentrates, produced during desalination of whey. Microfiltration, or so-called “cross-flow filtration”, of wine is a well-known technique, commonly used as a faster and more cost-effective alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth and desk filtrations. In wine production, it is mainly used as the end filtration before bottling wine or for clarification to stop fermentation while maintaining organoleptic properties.

On the basis of our top research background and large experience, we are able to design the technology of membrane processes. During the design process, we proceed from selecting the most suitable membrane through defining the module and device to building a particular technology.

We verify membrane processes on a pilot study scale using real solutions, deliver low-capacity technologies, prepare case studies and provide consulting on the basis of a specific assignment.

MemBrain technologies can be applied in the following branches:

Dairy industry

  • Removal of mineral salts and acids from whey
  • Research of whey processing to nutritionally valuable food supplements
  • Demineralization of ultra-filtration permeate, mother solution after crystallization of lactose, skimmed milk or lactulose syrup
  • Research of using crystalline salts and salt concentrates

Processing of wine, juices and ciders

  • Securing of microbiological stability
  • Adjustment of pH
  • Securing of tartrate stabilization

Processing of sugar

  • Removal of acids and salts from solutions of monosaccharides, disaccharides and oligosaccharides

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