MemBrain is located in a modern technological building called Membrane Innovation Centre (MIC). The aim of building this unique infrastructure was to create conditions for the interconnection of necessary scientific disciplines, covering the field of membrane materials with links to devices and technological applications, and for systematic cooperation with advanced research and industrial partners. The idea came up in 2009; the realization started in the year 2012 and finished in 2014. It was all possible thanks to the investment supported within the Operation Programme Research and Development for Innovation under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Objectives of the MIC

  • Development and verification of new or modified membranes, membrane modules, devices and technologies.
  • Development and application of laboratory and pilot membrane devices to experimentally verify new methodologies, SW, products, and membrane technologies.
  • Development or innovation of characterization methodologies of membranes, membrane modules, and membrane processes for systemisation and definition of engineering standards and their implementation in the industrial sphere through technological and industrial platforms.
  • Acceleration of the transfer of results of the applied research into industrial practice.
  • Establishment and operation of a quality, prestigious and professional facility in the Liberec Region for the execution of research activities in the field of a comprehensive membrane programme.
  • Establishment of a multidisciplinary team of specialists for the solution of applied research tasks.
  • Equipping laboratories with state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Contributing to the improvement of professional education and preparation of experts through the offer of unique infrastructure and specialised services of the centre.
  • Improvement of the level and scope of cooperation with academic and research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad through joint research projects.
  • Contributing to popularisation and development in the field of membrane separation through presentation and publication activities, and involvement in national and European professional organisations.

R&D Programme

Beginning of realization: 1.1.2009
Beginning of construction: 1.3.2012
End of construction: 31.12.2014
Registration Number: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0084
Project name: Membrane Innovation Centre
Budget: 512 mil. CZK
The amount of subsidy: 370 mil. CZK (85 % from ERDF, 15 % from the state budget of CR)

The heart of each research centre dealing with natural science is in its laboratories. The infrastructure of laboratories covers the entire chain from the membrane to technological applications. Our laboratories are equipped with top-level instruments and unique technologies, as required by the primary research directions of the centre.

One of the main achievements of our laboratories is the support of our surface treatment segment (see COATING). MEGA has provided our customers with high-quality materials from the world’s leading colour manufacturer PPG Ind., and MemBrain laboratories carry out several required analyses of the colours on a monthly basis.

The second remarkable achievement is complex analytic support of the Dairy segment of MEGA, more precisely, whey processing. Due to the wide range of products, different localities, and pretreatment technologies, it is necessary to ensure an active approach in working procedures and methodologies. This laboratory support is now standard for all laboratory and pilot tests in the Dairy segment (see also DAIRY).

Our Laboratories