The laboratory verifies on a laboratory scale and characterizes the functionality of developed membranes and separation processes. It is halfway between laboratories and industrial utilisation of membrane technologies. Membrane prototypes are tested in the applications for which they are designed. The process conditions are optimised concerning energy consumption and technology output. We offer laboratory verification of membrane processes and applications due to the customer’s request.

We constantly improve and develop our laboratory unit for electrodialysis, electrodialysis reversal, electrodialysis metathesis, and electrodialysis with bipolar membranes.

There are two basic types of units compatible with different types of modules:
• Two-circuit units: unit with 2 circuits (diluate, concentrate) and 1 module: P EDR-Z/2×1
• Four-circuit units: unit with 4 circuits (two diluates, two concentrates) and 1 module: P EDR-Z/4×1
Operating flow rate: 45-65 L/hour (depends on the module type)
The effective area of ED module: 640 cm2
DC source: 30 V / 3 A, 40 V / 5 A (depends on the unit type)
Modules compatible: 5 or 10 membrane pairs (CM-AM, CM-BM, AM-BM), 10 triplets (CM-BM-AM)

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