The technological laboratory consists of a testing room for the research and pilot or industrial-scale characterization of membrane modules for ED, EDI, and pressure processes. The laboratory also investigates the electrophoresis process, including the analysis of the output quality. One unique part is its particular semi-operational technological line for research and production of membranes and highly filed polymeric composites in the form of membrane foils, tubes, and unique shapes. In addition, the laboratory contains mills, dryers, and a hydraulic press to process primary materials and prepare samples for laboratory purposes.

The electro-coating testing facility consists of an 8-step pretreatment, EC coating bath, and paint oven. The electro-coating deposition quality is tested in salt corrosion chambers.

R&D Programme

• Pilot units of electrodialysis (ED, EDR, EDBM, EDM), electrodeionization (EDI), microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and diffusion dialysis. More in Cooperation & Services.

• Co-extrusion line – A device uniquely combining co-extrusion and cylinder thermoplastic technologies for manufacturing and preparing prototypes in highly filled heterogeneous composites and polymers with ink to ion-exchange heterogeneous membranes, bipolar membranes, various separation foils, membranes on a polyolefin basis, and functional polymers based on ion-exchange resins. It allows research in the thermoplastic production of polymer foils for engineering solutions of membrane modules, tubular forms of membranes, technologies of production, and preparation of unique composite electrode materials. The device was developed by MemBrain specialists exclusively for MIC purposes.

• Test room for prototype membrane technologies – The device’s purpose is to characterize the technological benefit of research and development results, verify their long-term stability, and define critical parameters of the applicability of research and development results. As a side effect, it allows obtaining data used to validate mathematical models of the technological parameters of the device.

• Discontinuous and continuous homogenisers – These devices complete a variable system ensuring the preparation of raw materials for the production of development ranges of heterogeneous or homogeneous membranes produced by the co-extrusion line. They allow preparing minimal quantities of both mixtures highly filled with powder bonding agent and mixtures of more bonding agents at a minimum consumption of initial raw materials.

• Device for preparation of hollow fibre membranes to produce laboratory and pilot samples of membranes for membrane separations of gases.

• Analyses, solution drafts
• Laboratory and pilot tests
• Evaluation and project preparation
• Cooperation with an accredited analytical laboratory
• Expert cooperation with specialists from universities and cooperating institutions (Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Prague, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Prague, University of Pardubice)
• Possibility to rent laboratory and pilot units for ED, EDI, MF, UF NF, RO