Our R&D programme focuses on the development and improvement of essential components important for functional industrial technologies: membranes, their implementation in membrane modules/stacks, whole devices and units and complex technologies.


MemBrain is focused on the development and innovation of ion-exchange membranes of different types like e.g. heterogeneous/homogeneous, monopolar and bipolar. Membranes are developer for various processes like electrodialysis, electrodeionization, electrophoresis, diffusion dialysis. We are also focused on the development of membranes for gas separation in the form of hollow fibers. R&D process covers material development as well as development of the appropriate manufacturing technology.

R&D Programme


The heart of the electrodialysis process is the membrane module (e.g. electrodialyser). MemBrain covers whole R&D process from conceptual design, tests in laboratory, pilot and industrial scale as well as prototype manufacturing. MEGA is usually the manufacturer of developed industrial modules. Nevertheless, we are prepared to develop special types of membrane modules for other partners as well.

R&D Programme


The modules are used to assemble complete electrodialysis and electrodeionezation units from laboratory to large-industrial scale. As a result, our innovative technologies are beneficial in many different industries. We are developing membrane-based technology schemes for various feed types to meet the requirements of our partners.

R&D Programme