Our R&D programme focuses on the development and improvement of essential components important for functional industrial technology: membranes with further links to devices up to their technological applications.


MEGA is a leading producer of RALEX® ion-exchange heterogeneous membranes. MemBrain is devoted to the development and improvement of RALEX® membranes and membranes for gas separation.

R&D Programme


The heart of the electrodialysis process is the module (electrodialyser). MemBrain performs R&D tests (electrodialysis, bipolar electrodialysis, electrodialysis metathesis) on laboratory and pilot modules. MEGA is the manufacturer of industrial modules.

R&D Programme


The modules are used to assemble complete electrodialysis and electrodeionezation units from laboratory to large-industrial-scale units. As a result, our innovative technologies are beneficial in many different industries.

R&D Programme