We have been developing and manufacturing membranes since 1985. Today, RALEX® is a well-known trademark for ion-exchange membranes. For more information about manufactured membranes by our parent company MEGA, see https://www.mega.cz/membranes/.

MemBrain with experienced engineers and state-of-the-art equipment pushes boundaries in electromembrane separation. New membranes are more efficient and have a longer lifetime. The boom of electromembrane processes of course requires constant innovations in membrane materials. Our R&D is devoted to the development and improvement of:

  1. RALEX® Ion-exchange membranes in the form of:
  • flat sheet used for electrodialysis, electrodeionization, membrane electrolysis,
  • tubular membranes for electrophoresis,
  • hollow fibre for diffusion dialysis.
  1. RALEX® bipolar membranes in the form of flat sheets used for electrodialysis with bipolar membranes (EDBM)

Membranes for gas separation in the form of hollow fibres

For more information see Our R&D Programme.

If you are interested in the purchase of RALEX® membranes, please fill in the questionnaire or send us an inquiry. If you want to solve a specific request for different applications, please contact our Sales department directly.


Anex membranes RALEX® AMHPP: roll/sheet | EDI, ED, EDR
Catex membranes RALEX® CMHPES: roll/sheet | ED, EDR
Catex membranes RALEX® CMHPP: roll/sheet | EDI, ED, EDR
Catex HD membranes RALEX® CMHPESHD: roll/sheet | ED, EDR
Anex HD membranes RALEX® AMH5HD: roll/sheet/tube | EF
Anex HD membranes RALEX® AMH6HD: roll/sheet/tube | EF
Extruded membranes RALEX® AM-XT: tube | EF
Bipolar membranes RALEX® BM: roll/sheet | EDBM