All the results from R&D in the Czech Republic are summarised in the RIV database (Information Result Register). The results are divided into the following categories:

(I) Publication results

(II) Patents

(III) Applied results

Publication results

The publication results include reviewed scientific research articles, research papers, scientific books and chapters in scientific journals and books. We would like to mention some examples of articles in the journals with impact factors:

  • Bobák M., Dolina J., Gončuková Z., Dvořák L.: Modification of a hollow-fibre polyethersulfone membrane using silver nanoparticles formed in situ for biofouling prevention, RSC Advances, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 9, 14552–14560, ISSN: 2046-2069, DOI: 10.1039/C8RA02026D, IF: 2,936,
  • Bobák M., Karaszova M., Zach B., Petrusová (Sedláková) Z., Červenka V., Šyc M., Izák P.: Post-combustion carbon capture by membrane separation, Review, Separation and Purification Technology, 17. 12. 2019, ISSN 1383-5866, DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2019.116448, IF: 5,107
  • Ečer J.: Separation of immunoglobulins from colostrum using methods based on salting out techniques, Czech Journal of Food Sciences, ISSN 1212 - 1800 print, 1805-9317 on-line, DOI: 10.17221/10/2017-CJFS, IF: 0,787,
  • Ečer J., Stránská E., Fárová H., Gracias J.: Long-Term Testing of the RALEX® Membranes in the Chlorine Dioxide Solution, Chemické listy, 2018, 12, 860 – 865, ISSN: 1213-7103 (on-line), 0009-2770 (printed),, IF: 0.963,
  • Fehér J., Červeňanský I.: Electrodialysis applied for phenylacetic acid separation from organic impurities: Increasing the recovery, Separation and Purification Technology, 2019, 1 – 30, ISSN: 1383-5866,, IF: 5,107,
  • Jiříček T.: Maximising Flux in Direct Contact Membrane Distillation Using Nanofibre Membranes, Desalination and Water Treatment, ISSN 1944-3994, DOI:10.5004/dwt.2017.20761, IF: 1,631,
  • Jiříček T.: Polyurethane Nanofiber Membranes for Waste Water Treatment by Membrane Distillation, Journal of Nanotechnology, ISSN 1687-9503,, CiteScore2017: 1,20,
  • Jiříček T.; Flux enhancement in membrane distillation using nanofibre membranes, Journal of nanomaterials, 2016, available:; IF: 1.758
  • Kinčl J.: Increasing the concentration of products from electrodialysis with heterogeneous bipolar membrane. Innovative remediation technologies - research and experience, 2015/8, ISNN: 1805-0182, available:,
  • Křivčík J.; Polysulfone-based anion exchange polymers for catalyst binders in alkaline electrolysers, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, DOI:10.102/app.42581; IF: 1,77,
  • Křivčík J.: Evaluating the effectiveness of ion exchangers for the electrodeionization process, Petroleum Chemistry, DOI: 10.1134/S0965544115100059; IF: 0.495,
  • Marek J., Tvrzník D.: Optimising porous material in shock electrodialysis unit, Desalination and Water Treatment, 2019, 170, 38 – 45, ISSN: 1944-3994, dostupné:, IF: 1,234,
  • Merkel A.: The use of electrodialysis for recovery of sodium hydroxide from the high alkaline solution as a model of mercerisation wastewater, Journal of Water Process Engineering, ISSN: 2214-7144, DOI:, IF: 3,173
  • Merkel A., Ashrafi A. A., Ečer J.: Bipolar membrane electrodialysis assisted pH correction of milk whey, Journal of Membrane Science, 555, 185-196, 06/2018, ISSN: 0376-7388, DOI:, IF: 6,578,
  • Merkel A., Ashrafi A.: An Investigation on the Application of Pulsed Electrodialysis Reversal in Whey Desalination, International Journal of Molecular Science, 2019 (20), 1 – 11, ISSN: 1422-0067,, IF: 4,183,
  • Neděla D.: Influence of reinforcement on heterogeneous bipolar membrane properties, Chemistry and chemical technology, DOI:10.6060/tcct.20165910.5426; IF: 0.560,
  • Stránská E.: Influence of particle properties on the resulting composite, Industrial production and use elastomers 2015/3, ISSN: 2071-8268; IF: 0,148,
  • Stránská E.: Optimisation of heterogeneous cation exchange membrane by using different particle size distribution of ion exchange resins, Chemické listy 9/2015, ISNN: 0009-2770; available:, IF: 0,272,
  • Stránská E.: Preparation, laboratory control a nd effect of the material on properties of polymer composites, Транспорт и хранение нефтепродуктов и углеводородного сырья, ISSN: 0131-4270;, IF: 0,25,
  • Stránská E.: Monitoring of functionality of selected katex by thermal load, Chemické listy 11/2015, ISSN: 0009 – 2770;, IF: 0,272,
  • Stránská E.: The production of polymer composites and influence of production factors on the resulting properties of composite particles, Oil and gas chemistry 2015/4, ISSN: 2310-8266; available:, IF: 0,13,
  • Stránská E.: Characterization of ion-exchange resins under thermal loading, Industrial production and use elastomers), ISSN: 2071-8268; available:, IF: 0,175,
  • Stránská E.: Characterization of Molecular Structure of Emulsion Acrylic Microgels: Exploring the Impact of Molar Mass on Coating Properties of Self-Crosslinking Latexes, Polymer-Plastic Technology and Engineering, DOI: 10.1080/03602559.2016.1185662; IF: 1.511
  • Stránská E.: Fluorine containing self-crosslinking acrylic latexes with reduced flammability and their application as polymer binders for heterogeneous cation-exchange membranes, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, ISSN Online: 1097-4628, DOI: 10.1002/app.45467, IF: 1,86,
  • Stránská E., Machotová J.: Preparation of Water-Borne Self-Crosslinking Polymeric Binder with Flash Rust Resistance Chemické listy, 2019, 113 (12), ISSN: 0009-2770, available:, IF: 1,246
  • Tvrzník D.: Effect of electrode area on demineralisation performance and the distribution of current density in an industrial-scale electrodialysis stack, Desalination, ISSN 0011-9164,, IF: 1,631,
  • Václavík L., Kulhavý M.: Electrodialysis as part of the integrated membrane process for landfill leachate treatment, Desalination and Water Treatment 2018, TDWT-2018-1320, ISSN: 1944-3986, doi: 10.5004/dwt.2019.23511, IF: 1,383,
  • Válek R., Ullsperger J.: Properties of Polymer Solutions Intended for Formation of Hollow Fibers Membranes by Inversion Phases Process, Applied Rheology De Gruyter, 28(6), ISSN: 1617-8106, DOI: 10.3933/APPLRHEOL-28-65939, IF: 1,442,


  • Tvrzník D., Hadrava J, Křivčík J., Neděla D.: Asymetric ion exchange membrane and the way of its use (2018, 307270)
  • Kotala T., Tvrzník D.: Desalination method of food industry liquid products and electrodialytic unit with automatic control for making the same (2014, 304959)
  • Černín A., Machuča L: Process for preparing potassium nitrate by employing electrodialysis method and apparatus for making the same (2014, 304507)
  • Tvrzník D.: Electrodialysis device for the desalination of water for oil and gas applications (04/2018, EP-2018-005-PAT-WO-PCT a 04/2019, EP-2018-005-PAT-VE-NP), (P)
  • Kotala T.: A method of producing lithium chemical compounds by an electrodialysis method and a device for carrying out the method (12/2019, 308122), (P)

Applied results

MemBrain has registered more than 400 applied results in several areas. Here we present some examples of verified technologies, more in the RIV database:

  • Innovated MPure™ stack
  • Electrodialysis stack RALEX® EDBM-IF/3x100
  • Advanced verified technology for biogas upgrade to biomethane
  • Electrodialysis module EDBM-IF/2x100 (CM-BM)
  • Technology of NaOH and H2SO4 production from H2SO4 waste by using B15 1x EDBM-IF/3x100 unit
  • Diffusion dialysis usage for regeneration of sulphuric acid from lead batteries
  • Prototype of diffusion dialysis membrane module