The mobile laboratory will come to you so it can perform research and development activities in a real environment, which speeds up the process of finding a solution and its subsequent implementation.

The mobile laboratory is equipped with model units of electro-membrane and pressure processes, i.e. units of electrodialysis, electrodeionization, reverse osmosis, ultra/nano/micro-filtration and gas separation. By their compactness, these units allow performing research and development activities in a real environment with our partners and customers. Since the mobile laboratory devices mostly result from MemBrain’s own research and development, it is possible to interconnect individual devices of various membrane processes. This is a desirable feature in research and development of so-called hybrid and integrated membrane processes.

All laboratory facilities are fully equipped with devices supporting operation of model units – multimeters, thermostats, pumps, cooling boxes for transport of biologically active whey, scales, cryostats, dryers and more.

Necessary support, securing auxiliary processes, is provided by devices of standard physical and chemical processes (filtration, flocculation, sedimentation, sorption etc.). Many measuring instruments allow direct communication with computer technology, which improves the quality of evaluation of performed work activities.

Mobile membrane laboratory offers

  • Pilot testing of membrane processes
  • Pilot testing of technological units – integrated processes
  • Demonstration of the process and technology at the customer’s
  • Long-term monitoring of processes
  • Possibility to rent laboratory and pilot units

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