In our laboratories, we offer a complete characterization of solid and liquid samples, ion-exchange membranes, and materials.


  • Measurement of the ion-exchanger swelling
  • Measurement of the ion-exchange capacity of ion-exchanger (IEC), granulate, membrane foil (MF), ion-exchange membranes (IM)
  • Measurement of the ion-exchanger humidity after the drying operation
  • Measurement of the ion-exchanger humidity after the grinding operation
  • Measurement of the distribution size of the ground ion-exchanger particles
  • Total capacities of ion-exchangers


  • Sheet and specific resistance of IM
  • Permselectivity, anti-ion transference number of IM
  • Microscopic examination
  • Hydraulic permeability
  • Physical properties of IM (change of weight, length, width, and thickness in the dry and wet conditions)


We are almost fully independent when performing laboratory and pilot tests, our technologists obtain quick and accurate results. The laboratories also test the quality of our membranes and membrane materials. The list of examples of analysis we perform in our laboratories is in the following table. For more information about our devices see Membrane Innovation Centre.

Acid neutralizing capacity ANC 4,5 titration

Acid neutralizing capacity ANC 8,3 titration

Ageing of materials test (relaxation) 1000 hours

Ammonium ions by spectrophotometry

Anion surfactants by spectrophotometry


Base neutralizing capacity BNC 4,5 titration

Base neutralizing capacity BNC 8,3 titration

Basic analysis by DSC (only melting point and freezing point)**

Cation surfactants by spectrophotometry

CODCr by spectrophotometry

Colour - APHA by spectrophotometry

Conductivity (25 °C)

Crude proteins by Dumas method (milk, whey)

Density by helium pycnometer

Density of liquids by digital densimeter


Dissolved solids annealed

Dissolved solids dried

Dry matter (humidity)

Extraction (liquid-liquid)

Filtration and fixation of sample for metal analysis

Hardness SHORE

Hydraulic permeability of the membrane

Index of melted plastic

Ion-exchange capacity of the ion-exchanger (IEC), granulate, membrane foil, membrane

Ion-exchanger humidity after drying and grinding operation

Ion-exchanger swelling

Lactose by polarimetry

Material contrast by SEM (SEM - BSE, EDAX)

Measurement in aqueous environment by SEM

Mechanical properties (strength, tensibility, flexure, modulus of elasticity) by crusher

Mechanical properties by crusher using laser

Membrane and sheets porosity

Mineralization of liquid sample by acid boiling

Neutral salt spray test in the standard chamber according to ČSN EN ISO 9222, 1000 hours

Neutral salt spray tests in the cyclic chamber according to VDA 621-415, 6 cycles

Non-ionic surfactants by spectrophotometry

One analyte by GC/MS method without sample adjustment

One analyte by Ion Chromatography

One element by ICP

Partical size distribution (0,2 um – 1 mm)

Particle size distribution - 100 particles by SEM

Particle size distribution - 1000 particles by SEM

Particle size distribution - 500 particles by SEM

Particle size distribution (0,2 um – 2 mm)

Permselectivity of the membrane, anti-ion transference number of the membrane

Physical properties of the membrane (change of weight, length, width, and thickness in the dry and wet conditions)

pH (25 °C)

Potentiometric titration

Preparation of a sample for SEM

Preparation of liquid infusion

Pressure microwave mineralization of a sample

Proteins by Dumas method

Resistance (specific, sheet) of the membrane

Rheological properties of a material by rotational rheometer

Sample filtration

Sample fixation

SEM images of a membrane (internal structure), sample preparation, analysis

Silica (SiO2) by spectrophotometry

Size distribution of the ground ion-exchanger particles

Special measurement by SEM

Steam conditioning of a conductive layer for SEM

Substance identification by GC/MS method without sample adjustment

Surface analysis + EDAX by SEM

Surface analysis by SEM

Surface roughness by roughness meter (5 tests on one side)

Suspended solids annealed

Suspended solids dried

Thickness of paint by digital thickness meter

Total nitrogen

Total organic carbon

Total solids dried


Viscosity of liquids