We provide engineering services in the area of processing liquid media and gases. The technology draft is usually developed in successive steps, from the audit of the existing technology through laboratory tests, pilot tests and mathematical modelling to the operational draft. We use the latest methods of technological processes using the most advanced techniques and equipment. The high research potential and extensive experience with implementation of contractual research allow us to resolve the most complex tasks and achieve the goals set by our customers.

Within engineering services, we usually solve specific one-time requirements to perform tests, optimization of the existing technologies, characterization of materials used, implementation of innovation in the client’s portfolio etc. An important customer is the Czech company MEGA a.s. but more and more orders come from foreign companies, especially from France and Russia.

The implementation process of engineering services is described in the following steps:

  • Evaluation of the possibility to separate components from the medium using membrane processes
  • Laboratory tests to establish basic parameters of the membrane process
  • Pilot study at the place of application
  • Model calculations to verify the pilot study
  • Draft of the membrane separation technology
  • Technical and economic studies of the process

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