Project title:Zero liquid discharge of industrial waste water using electrodialysis
Project ID:FV40062
Duration:1.1.2019 – 31.12.2021

The goal is to develop and a ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technology based on electrodialysis (ED). This will allow MEGA a.s. to find new applications of ED in the processing of demanding types of raw, technological and waste water with a high content of dissolved inorganic salts. The amount of demand for processing of different types of brines is constantly increasing, and existing ED technology has many operating constraints at high concentrations.
Thanks to a combination of stringent discharge limits and low rain precipitation, there is a clear potential for economically feasible brine processing technology. This will further shift the technical level of individual components and technological units and use the know-how acquired to address current and future environmental issues. The main objective is to develop and validate ED technology for re-use and valorisation of waste water with a high content of dissolved salts, and to reduce the costs of evaporation and crystallization where full ZLD in requested. The objectives of the project are focused on the development of a new material (ion-exchange membranes) that will be used to minimize the generation of waste and the possibility of their reuse (recycling) while reducing operating cost of current technologies. In addition, the goal of the project is to develop a new electrodialysis technology for very high concentrations or for ZLD applications.

The project is solved with financial support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Principal investigator:Ing. Tomáš Jiříček Ph. D.

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