About the company

MemBrain s.r.o. is a research, engineering and technology company that focuses mainly on research and innovation activities in the field of membrane processes, particularly the transfer of research results into commercial practice.

About the company

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12th October, 2018 – 14th October, 2018
EDUCA MY JOB 2018 - Fair
8th October, 2018 – 7th October, 2019
10 years of the company MemBrain s.r.o.
9th July, 2018 – 13th July, 2018
Internationa conference Euromembrane 2018 in Valencia (Spain)
13th May, 2018 – 16th May, 2018
International conference MELPRO, Prague 2018
12th December, 2017 – 12th May, 2018
Software for the gas membrane separation has been created

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