Project title:Separation and purification of valuable substances from biological solutions using electromembrane processes
Project ID:CZ.01.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_083/0010260
Duration:1.1.2018 – 19.4.2020

The basic aim of the project is to increase the usability of so-called waste biological solutions and to obtain products with higher added value from these streams. Verification of technological schemes and extension of know-how and integration of specific membrane and electro-membrane processes will allow higher yields from these sources, minimizing the consumption of chemicals needed to extract the substances listed below. The pilot tests will allow the recovery of pure organic acids, amino acids and specific proteins from hydrolyzate processes and the processing of analogous biological solutions. Including balances of energy and economic demands on a particular process.

The project is funded by EU.

Principal investigator:Ing. Petr Křižánek Ph.D.

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