Project ID:FR-TI1/470
Duration:10/2009 – 12/2012

The main goal of the project is designing and proving the technology of desalination of the whey with sodium chloride that is added during the production of some kind of cheeses (e.g. blue cheese or cheddar cheese). The other goal of the project is to design and prove the production of galactooligosaccharides from the salt whey. The salt whey is considered as unhelpful material that is used as feed for the pigs, while desalinated whey is cheap and high-quality substitution of the milk in the bakery, candies, ice-cream, baby food etc. The galactooligosaccharides are valuable probiotics that support the intestinal micro flora. Thanks to combination of the traditional milk technologies (e.g. centrifuge, drying room), biotechnologies (enzymatic reactor) and membrane processes is created the technology that is able to process the difficult waste flow into the valuable products.

Principal investigator:Ing. Jan Kinčl
Projekt v Rejstříku informací o výsledcích:Rejstřík informací o výsledcích

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