Project title:Progressive development of the Membrane Innovation Centre
Project ID:LO1418
Duration:01/2015 – 12/2019

The key objective of the project is to ensure progressive development of the MIC and its sustainability. Development will be ensured by the implementation of new scientific trends and ideas of the field in the MIC’s research activities; by systematic development and enhancing the quality of the specialized infrastructure; and by intensive development of HR. Sustainability will be ensured by carrying out the MIC research programmes; by creating conditions for cooperation with research and industrial partners; and by successful application of the research results in industrial practice. The following scientific, material and financial goals will be achieved in order to meet the key objective.

1. Carry out research and development of advanced electro-membrane and integrated technologies of membrane processes in the field of liquid separation and gas separation.

2. Develop HR, namely the multidisciplinary team of specialists working in the MIC, with the aim of
developing their quality, expertise, competitiveness and horizontal mobility, in particular using career plans, posting employees on internships in top facilities working in the field, involving them in educational projects and also inviting Czech and foreign experts to give lectures and provide training for our employees.

3. Develop and enhance the MIC infrastructure and specialized services through its own research activities with focus on efficient utilization and making them available to partners and customers as well as students.

4. Provide stable material and financial conditions for the development of national and international cooperation with industrial partners, systematically building contractual relations within collaborative projects or contract-based cooperation.

5. Ensure the planned amount of income from research grant subsidies and the MIC’s commercial cooperation with focus on maintaining financial sustainability and the expected material and financial volume of cooperation with industrial partners.

Principal investigator:Ing. Marek Bobák, Ph.D.

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