Project title:Membrane separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas and its subsequent use
Project ID:TK02030155
Duration:07/2019 - 06/2024

Our goal is the development and realization of flue gas treatment technology, which will be focused mainly on CO2 separation with the utilization of hollow fiber modules at pilot scale. We will use the acquired CO2 in a subsequent testing of a plasma gasification/pyrolysis technology. This technology will be also developed and optimized in this project. Subsequently, we would like to connect both technologies into one complex device, which will be operated as a pilot plant installed on-site and process real flue gas. A feasibility study will be then elaborated on the basis of acquired process data. Our long-term goal is to broaden the pool of available technologies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by Czech know-how and to attempt to enter the market with commercial units.

The project is solved with financial support of TA ČR:


Principal investigator:Ing. Marek Bobák, Ph.D.

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