Project title:Electromembrane Modules of New Generation
Project ID:FV10062
Duration:08/2016 – 07/2019

1. Innovation of MPure™ electrodeionization stack

2. Assembly and characterization of a cell for the „ion concentration polariation“ (ICP) or shock electrodialysis processes.

1. MPure™ stack is a new, up-to-date state of the art product intended mainly for preparation of the make-up water for boilers in power generation. Some features may limit its use in certain applications such as further treatment of single-pass RO with typically high concentration of the total CO2. Selection of appropriate ion-exchange (IEX) resins is a concern in the production of the stack. Solution:

  • introduction of new techniques for characterization of IEX resins,
  • selection of IEX resins with better properties,
  • proposal of an alternative arrangement of IEX resins in the concentrating chambers,
  • change of type, particle size distribution of IEX resins in the electrode chambers,
  • change of arrangement of the side membranes.

2. In the other case, we talk about verification of a new group of electromembrane separation processes, whose principle is based on specific behaviour of the micro- and nanoporous media. These processes may compete with conventional RO and ED processes in the future. It is necessary to catch the trend in the branch and develop basics for scale-up of the new processes to industry.

Principal investigator:Ing. David Tvrzník, Ph.D.

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