Mariana, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), 2014
UniGou project at MemBrain Research Centre at Stráž pod Ralskem

I had the incredible opportunity to live for 2 months in the “big” Straz pod Ralskem. I was part of UNIGOU program in their partnership with Membrain Research Center.

I got to start saying that it was a short time, that actually seemed bigger due to all the amazing experiences I had, the growth that was possible to have, to all the incredible persons I’ve met, to all the great times, talks and laughs, and to how much I already miss my last “summer” vacations.

Although Straz is a small city, I had a great time over there, with incredible learning opportunities, very nice and improving environment to work, and people with big hearts and always ready to help you with whatever you might need.

The personal growth couldn’t have been bigger. I was working in a place where people live of their research and studies. My tutor had a huge knowledge in Membrane’s technology and was ready and open to share it with me, helping with everything I needed.

Also, personally, I was living in a 4 thousand people city, in the country side of Czech Republic. Therefore, my contact with Czech culture could not be deeper. I got to understand Czechs and learned how to love it.

And last, but not least, regarding UNIGOU program, I have only the best reviews. From the very beginning, since my Skype interviews, everybody was very thoughtful, helpful and supportive. No effort was saved to do the best for me and all the other interns. Besides all the support to come to the Czech Republic, to get the best positions, all the recommendations, tips and suggestions, they also took us to great places and organized fun trips. I can definitely say that you, future student, will be in great hands with UNIGOU. Not only they are completely responsible, professionals and organized, they are mainly good friends and people to trust on.

I can say this experience was the whole package! Studying, working, learning, learning a new culture, language, developing into your studying field, travelling, making new friends, and all of this followed by one important and awesome component: the amazing Czech beer ;).

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