MPure™ stacks are developed by MemBrain on ion-exchange membrane research capability and extensive electroseparation experience. All stacks include RALEX® ion exchange membranes.

MPure™ electrodeionization (EDI) stacks are used for the production of high purity water for the power, semiconductor and chemical industry. EDI produces high purity water continuously without the use of hazardous regeneration chemicals required for a mixed bed process. The novel MPure™ stack produces 16 to 18 MΩ·cm product water quality at very high recovery. These stacks are designed to replace mixed bed ion exchange at flow rates from 5 to 500 m3/h (20 to 2000 gpm) and beyond.


  • Stack interconnection capability for low cost system construction
  • High flow rate blocks, flows up to 45 m3/h (200 gpm) per block
  • High deionization with recovery up to 97.5 %
  • Robust design: no internal or external leaks
  • Small footprint: ideal for operation inside containers
  • Voltage stability
  • Effective replacement for competing EDI technology
  • Complete OEM engineering package