Stráž pod Ralskem, 1 August 2014 – We built and equipped a modern centre of membrane research. Considering the future development in its field, the company MemBrain, s.r.o., had decided to build a modern base for its research activities. In 2009, the company started, and in 2014, it completed the project of the MIC (Membrane Innovation Centre), whose goal is to create conditions for interconnecting necessary scientific disciplines, covering the area of membrane materials with links to devices and technological applications, and establishing continuous cooperation with the most advanced research and industrial partners.

The project costs are more than 500 million CZK and they were used to construct the centre, equip its analytical and technological laboratories for research and development and cover its operational costs partially. Thanks to these investments, a unique infrastructure has been created, consisting at the moment of fifty-six new work positions, mainly for employees with the second or third degree of university education. The official opening will take place on 22 October 2014 in the new building in Stráž pod Ralskem. Construction of the MIC was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport within the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

Partial projects of the centre are focused on development of membranes, modules and technologies of membrane processes. Excellently equipped laboratories form a base for young scientists, providing them with the conditions for applied research and transfer of its results into industrial practice. The main segments of interest are water, power engineering, valuable substances and environmental protection. For this environment, we develop and apply laboratory and pilot study devices, membranes, modules and processes, and also contribute to popularization and development in the field of membrane separation through national and European professional organizations.