From 09.07 - 13.07.2018 we took part at the Euromembrane International Conference 2018 Valencia, Spain. Plenty of new findings in the field of membranes, pressure membrane and electromembrane technologies were possible to see at this conference.

A substantial part of electromembrane processes were focused on electrical convection or on operation in the field of over limit current flows. A large part of the conference was also focused on gas separation.

Our colleague Ing.Tomas Jiricek presented at the conference a lecture entitled "Can electrodialysis make zero liquid discharge economically feasible?", during which the whole lecture room was full.

Except of the lecture the company presented three posters of our colleagues. Ing.Robert Valek had the poster theme "Preparation of polyetherimide hollow fiber membrane with enhanced permeance". Ing.Libor Seda had the poster theme "desalination of sodium formate from methanol-formamide solution via electrodialysis". Ing.David Maly had the poster theme "The effect of iron (III) concentration in nitric acid solutions on diffusion dialytic membrane performance".